If working with small children becomes difficult then keep them busy in a creative way.

You are currently viewing If working with small children becomes difficult then keep them busy in a creative way.

Small children create mischief while staying at home and disturb the mother while working. If you want to keep small children busy in a creative and safe way, then you can take help of these ideas. kids will be busy with this.

Raising children is not an easy task. Before teaching or teaching anything to children, they have to be brought up safely and properly. When children reach the age of one year, they often follow their mother and do not allow her to do any work. Be it at home or office, the biggest task for the mother is to keep the child busy in a safe and creative manner. So that they can do all the household work with full responsibility. If your child also does not allow you to work and insists on staying with you, then these creative methods can be useful for you.

Sensory box-

Actually, such boxes are easily available in the market. But you can keep children busy in this game very cleverly. Fill a box with lots of dry grains like corn or wheat and hide small toys in it. The child will enjoy searching for toys from this box and the child will remain busy in this task.

Rock painting-

Children like things like paint brushes very much. If you want, you can find a lot of stones and give them to the child. In coloring these, children will show their creativity and will also be able to identify colors.

Tape made of paper-

Colorful paper tapes are available in the market for children to play. Children enjoy removing and sticking them and you can keep them busy with this.


Children are interested in filling crayons, color sheets and colorful papers. You can keep children busy by purchasing such paper from the market.

Indoor swing-

You can hang the swing at home on the ceiling or wall for children to swing. Children like to play this and their energy is also spent.


Audiobooks for children come in headphones. With which children can listen to many poems and stories. Children will also like to play with headphones and will remain busy in it.

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