Researchers at Leeds University Business School found that Kids get better grades in school when they play with their father

Let's know the positive impact of fathers engaging in playtime with their children on academic performance

Active Involvement

Dads who actively play with kids foster better learning habits and motivation

Problem-Solving Skills

Playtime encourages critical thinking, boosting problem-solving abilities

Improved Focus

Children's concentration and attention span benefit from interactive play with fathers

Communication Skills

Play enhances language development and effective communication

Stress Reduction

Playing together reduces stress and anxiety, promoting a conducive learning environment

Stronger Bonds

Father-child play strengthens emotional connections, improving overall well-being

Confidence Boost

Kids who play with dads tend to have higher self-esteem and confidence

Positive Role Models

Fathers become positive role models, demonstrating perseverance and dedication

Academic Benefits

Enhanced learning attitudes lead to improved school performance and better grades