Recognize these  8 warning signs of hypertension in children and why early detection is crucial

Hypertension in Children

1: Understanding Hypertension

Learn about high blood pressure in kids and its health implications

2: Persistent Headaches

Frequent, severe headaches may signal hypertension in children

3: Nosebleeds

Frequent nosebleeds unrelated to injury could be a sign of high blood pressure

4: Fatigue and Weakness

Unexplained fatigue or weakness can be an indicator of hypertension

5: Vision Changes

Blurry vision or visual disturbances may accompany high blood pressure

6: Breathing Issues

Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing could be hypertension-related

7: Frequent Urination

Excessive urination, especially at night, can be a warning sign

8: Chest Pain

Chest pain or discomfort should be evaluated by a healthcare professional

Seek Medical Attention

If your child exhibits these signs, consult a pediatrician for timely assessment and intervention


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