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Your 6 month old baby is at an interesting stage of his life. At this age he starts taking interest in the world around him and starts learning and understanding information faster. During this time, the child starts taking interest in playing, he catches things, hits them with each other or plays with keys and also gets attracted towards any attractive and interesting object.

Between 6 to 9 months, your baby’s physical and mental development is happening rapidly. At such times he can sit for a long time without support. He begins to recognize objects, but forgets them when they are not around.

Today many types of play toys for small children are available in the market. These toys can not only be helpful in calming a crying child, but can also play an important role in the good development of the child. This is the special reason that in this article we are giving information about the 10 Best Toys For 6 Month Old Baby.

Best toys for 6 month old baby development

1. Musical Toys

Musical toys help in the development of baby’s sensory skills. Musical toys, which make animal sounds or play rhymes or songs, attract children and also help in promoting their interest in music.

Simple musical toys are easy to play with and make sounds when the child hits them. Toys like toy phones or activity cubes make sounds when the child presses or shakes them.

2. Baby Activity Play Gym Floor Mat

Activity games are great for the cognitive, visual and auditory development of young children. There are many types of scenes made on these mats, which can even attract your child. Babies can increasingly use their hands and feet to hold and touch them. Also, children can lie comfortably on their stomach on these mats.

3. Baby Blocks

Baby blocks can be included in the play toys of six month old babies. These are colorful and can be used to make various shapes. Besides, they also have pictures of fruits, flowers, counting numbers and animals. Which can also help in the initial education of the child.

4. Dolls

Children of this age definitely have a favorite doll or soft toy. This helps in developing their sensory skills and also develops their sense of attachment. Your child may want to play with the doll, hold it in his/her arms, or even sleep with it close to him/her. This is also a sign of social-emotional development.

5. Educational Toys

Educational toys like busy boards and interactive books help in the development of sensory and gross motor skills in the child. Children can press different buttons, open doors and turn pages in the interactive book.

6. Rainbow Ring Stacking Toy

Parents can also include Rainbow Ring Stacking Toy in the play toys of small children. This rainbow ring toy has a variety of bright colors, which can easily attract the baby’s attention.”

As soon as the child sees it, he can try to catch it, this can develop a strong ability to catch things in children. Due to this, children may soon develop the habit of eating finger food on their own.

7. Electronic Learning Toys

 If you are looking for toys for a 6 month old baby, electronic learning toys are perfect. Such toys help in the development of sensory skills in the child and also keep the child busy. It also helps in developing the ability to focus and concentrate.

Children can see and hear sounds and videos from the toy, such as rhymes, jingles and cartoons, simply by pressing or touching different buttons on the touch pad.

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8. Stuffed Toys

Just like dolls, stuffed toys also help in developing a sense of responsibility and attachment towards others in the child and the child will always want to keep the stuffed toys with him.

9. Finger Puppet Board Box

Parents can also include finger puppet board books in the play toys of small children. These puppets have cartoon shapes of various animals, which are colorful. These can be easily played with small children by wearing them on the fingers.

Through these finger puppets, children can be easily taught to read and recognize numbers. For this, parents can buy finger puppets for their child as per their choice and shapes.

10. Household Things

According to the age of children, household items can become perfect toys for them. Be it a 6 month old baby or older, household items like plastic bowls, measuring cups, glasses and wooden spoons will keep your baby entertained and also help in the development of his grasping ability, sensory skills and hand-eye coordination. Will also help.

The child may simply bump things into each other, push them, or try to line them up. And he will have a lot of fun while doing all this.

Keep these things in mind while buying toys for 6 month old babies:

  • Do not buy sharp shaped toys.
  • Do not buy toys made of poor quality rubber, metal or plastic.
  • Always buy toys made of good quality rubber and plastic for small children.
  • Always buy toys that are colorful, make sounds and have different shapes. Children can quickly get attracted towards such toys.
  • While buying toys for your child, also keep in mind their age.
  • Don’t buy a small pill-sized toy. Such toys can get stuck in the child’s throat.

Along with the points above, parents should also be careful and not leave the child alone while playing, as the child may become overly engaged with the toys and may become aware of the possible dangers around him. Don’t find out.

Playing with toys is an important part of any child’s growth and choosing good toys can help them develop important skills. While shopping for them, keep in mind the age and likes and dislikes of the child and choose a toy that also develops his educational abilities.


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