Increase the IQ Level Of Children? 12 Miraculous Tips

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Every parent wants their child to be smart and intelligent. A child’s IQ level is an important measure of his intellectual development. The smarter the child is, the higher his IQ level.

There are many ways to increase the IQ level of children. You can do some of these at home as well. Other methods may require the assistance of experts.

Here are 12 miraculous tips to increase the IQ level of children:

1. The child should get enough sleep

The physical and mental development of children needs sleep. Children not getting enough sleep can affect their learning abilities.

What to do:

  • Give children ten to twelve hours of sleep every night.
  • Make it a habit for children to sleep and wake up at regular times.
  • Keep children’s rooms cool, quiet, and dark.
  • Keep children from looking at screens before bed.


  • When children get enough sleep, their memory, attention, and learning abilities increase.
  • Getting enough sleep makes children more active, and their mood improves.
  • Children get relief from anxiety and stress by getting enough sleep.

2. Provide healthy food to the child

Children get nutrients from a healthy diet that are essential for their mental development.

What to do:

  • Feed children a variety of foods.
  • Give children whole grains, vegetables, and fresh fruits.
  • Give children healthy proteins and fats.
  • Keep children away from fried, sweet, and salty foods.


  • Children’s brains work better if they eat a healthy diet.
  • Giving children a healthy diet increases their memory, attention, and learning abilities.
  • Eating a healthy diet for children reduces stress and anxiety.

3. Exercise your child regularly

Children’s physical and mental health improves with exercise.

What to do:

  • Encourage children to exercise for at least 30 minutes.
  • Let children play, run, swim, ride bicycles, etc.
  • Create a conducive environment for children to exercise.


  • Children’s brains work better when they exercise.
  • Children’s exercise improves memory, attention, and learning ability.
  • Exercise for children provides relief from stress and anxiety.

4. Encourage child to read

Reading to children is very entertaining and informative.

What to do:

  • Motivate children to read books every day.
  • Give children stories, poems, and informative books.
  • While reading to the children, sit together and ask them questions


  • Children’s reading enhances their linguistic skills.
  • Children’s education increases their vocabulary.
  • Children’s understanding increases when they read.
  • Reading to children increases their creativity.

5. Keep teaching new things to the child

Inspire children to learn new things. This will increase their knowledge.

What to do:

  • Use books, websites, and videos to teach children new things.
    Ask children questions and debate their answers.
    Give kids opportunities to play new sports, travel, and learn new skills.


  • Learning new things increases children’s imagination.
  • By making children learn new things, their problem-solving abilities increase.
  • Children’s creativity increases when they learn new things.

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6. Interact with the child

Talking to children helps with their intellectual development.

What to do:

  • Ask children about their day.
  • Discuss children’s interests.
  • Ask children questions and discuss their answers.
  • Listen and tell stories with children.
  • Have fun by playing with children.


  • Interacting with children enhances their linguistic knowledge.
  • Talking to children increases their imagination.
  • Talking to children increases their creativity.

7. Encourage child to play puzzles and games

Playing puzzles and games helps children develop creativity and problem-solving abilities.

What to do:

  • Give kids puzzle, block, math, and linguistic games.
  • Inspire children to play puzzles and games.
  • Help kids solve games and puzzles.


  • Children’s thinking ability increases by playing and solving puzzles.
  • Children gain problem-solving abilities by playing puzzles and games.
  • Children develop creativity by playing puzzles and games.

8. Teach music to your child

Listening to and playing music is beneficial for the mental development of children.

What to do:

  • Inspire children to listen to music.
  • Motivate children to be interested in music.
  • Give children knowledge of music.


  • Children’s linguistic abilities increase by listening to and playing music.
  • Children’s memory improves by listening to and playing music.
  • Children’s creativity increases by listening to and playing music.

9. Take the child to a natural place

Children like to live in natural places. This relaxes their mind, and they can learn better.

What to do:

  • Take children to parks and forests.
  • Tell children about natural things.
  • Motivate children to play in the open sky.


  • Children reduce stress and anxiety by being in natural places.
  • Children’s memory improves by living in a natural environment.
  • Children’s creativity increases when they are in natural places.

10. Keep the child stress free

Stress harms the mental development of children.

What to do:

  • Keep children away from stressful places.
  • Teach children to relax and reduce stress.
  • Give support and love to children.


  • When stress is reduced, children’s memory increases.
  • Children’s problem-solving abilities increase as they get older.
  • By reducing stress in children, their creativity increases.

11. Be a role model for children

Children learn from their parents and others. This is why parents themselves should try to become more knowledgeable and intelligent.

What to do:

  • Writing, reading and learning in front of children
  • Acquiring new skills in front of your children
  • Doing imaginative work in front of your children
  • Dealing with problems your children face


  • By giving good role models to children, they also become more sensible and intelligent.
  • Becoming a role model also inspires children to learn and develop.

12. Check your child’s IQ level frequently

Regular IQ testing can reveal whether a child’s IQ level is normal or not.

What to do:

  • Take the child to a qualified doctor or psychologist.
  • Get the child to take a reliable IQ test.
  • Keep your child’s IQ level report safe.


  • Checking a child’s IQ level can detect any problems in intellectual development.
  • Getting your child’s IQ level checked can help.

Some Additional Tips

  • Promote linguistic development. Teach children new words, interact with them, and read books.
  • Motivate them to solve the problem. Give them tasks in which they suggest problems.
  • Inspire creativity. Give them tasks in which they can use their imagination.

Additionally, parents can get even more help in increasing the IQ level of their children.


  • Children should not be taught anything forcibly.
  • Children should be challenged only according to their abilities.
  • Avoid scolding children for their mistakes.

Parents should be patient and constantly encourage their children to increase their IQ level.

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