5 Symptoms of stress in children and how to treat them?

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Stress is the last thing on earth that your baby should experience. But don’t be surprised, babies can also suffer from stress. Health related problems in elders occur only due to stress. The same can happen with children, too. After birth, children can face stress any time between 4 and 6 months, and the 5th month is very important.

Since birth, the child develops rapidly, and due to this, many changes take place. Due to continuous development and changes, there is a lot of stress for the growing baby, but you can cure it through natural methods. However, a child is not able to manage stress and hence may show some symptoms.

If your baby has symptoms of stress, don’t worry. You can help him. Here are some tips you can do to help your baby deal with stress:

1. Pay attention to baby’s movements

Pay attention to the movements of the child. If the child stretches his hand towards you or puts his hand on his head, then it is proof that he is feeling stressed. In such a situation, parents often think that the child wants to cuddle or is giving a salute. These movements indicate that the baby is having difficulty staying calm and needs help. If the child mostly bends the back and neck, then it is a symptom of stomach pain. Constant yawning or hiccups are signs of stress. For this, attention needs to be paid to the child.

2. The baby will reduce eye contact

You should also think about this matter for yourself. If you do not make eye contact or cannot make eye contact while talking, it means that you are feeling uncomfortable. The same thing happens with the child; once he makes eye contact, he may turn his face to the other side. This means that the child wants change, and perhaps at this time you should move away from him a little. Paying too much attention to the child can also cause stress.

3. Crying too much and loudly

If the baby cries continuously and loudly, then you should pay attention to it. If the child is stressed, he may start crying loudly continuously. Light, noise, or people can also cause stress for the child, and for this reason, you should stay with him. To distract and calm the baby, keep him busy by giving him rattle toys, a baby gym, and musical toys. Buy a baby gym, especially for your baby, as it will not only keep the baby calm but will also help with various developmental milestones.

4. Extreme changes in diet

Apart from breast milk, you may also be giving formula food to the child. This sudden change can put pressure on the child’s bowel movements. Due to this, the child may have vomiting, constipation, or excessive loose motion, which you should help him to cure. If this happens persistently, contact a doctor immediately.

5. Lack of sleep

Sometimes the child may have difficulty sleeping and may wake up frequently. It is possible that the child may be having scary dreams, so you should go to him immediately. Buy a suitable crib for your baby with colorful toys and a comfortable mattress. This will improve the child’s sleep. White noise machine can also help a lot in this.

If your baby is showing any of these symptoms, it is important that you keep an eye on the situation. If symptoms are severe or getting worse over time, you should talk to your doctor.

Ways to reduce stress in babies

There are several things you can do to prevent or reduce stress to your baby, including:

  • Take out enough time to take care of your baby.
  • Feed, change, and put your baby to sleep regularly.
  • Provide your baby with a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Give your baby love and support.

If your baby is stressed, here are some things you can do for him:

  • Remain calm and steady.
  • Crush or hold your baby.
  • Take your baby to a quiet place.
  • Talk to your baby in a slow and calm voice.

Understand the symptoms of stress in the child and try to reduce them as soon as possible. The child will not know how to manage stress. Giving him some love and comfort can provide a lot of relief. However, advice from experts also helps a lot for this.


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